Monday, October 17, 2005


You just get to the summit of cool when out of the murk another peak looms up in front of you.  Yep, just when I was picking up all sorts of groovy chicks by teasing them with my small but perfectly formed iPod nano, Apple goes and launches another iPod, this time with video.


I've given up.  Someone I know has just spent iPod money on a Wurlitzer juke-box and a wheelbarrow and, frankly, I think they might have the right idea.  Backwards is the new forwards.


Mind you, playing DVDs by spinning them as fast as you can on the end of a pencil whilst shining a torch through them isn't as effective as you might think.  Therefore, uncool as it is, I've been feeding them into my little DVD player instead.  Why?  Well, as part of my training programme before I go the the pictures to see Serenity, I'm working my way through the first and only series of Firefly, from whence the film has sprungeth.  I've even, some would say sadly, been listening to a few podcasts devoted to (and I mean devoted to) the series and the film and, whilst it's very good in a SkyOne kind of way, I'm note sure that there'll be Vegas conventions dedicated to it in twenty years.  I could be wrong.  It is good and I recommend the series (£18.99 from Screenstars) without having seen the film yet.


You'll have noticed that I have, as they say in these circles, 'done a Fluffy' over recent days.  I'd like to apologise to regular readers (and to the computers at Google who check me out numerous times each day on account of me nicking their images which boosts my site stats inordinately but makes me feel like a fraud and so I've stopped now, honest) for this unseemly attention seeking behaviour.  I suspect it's a mid-life crisis kicking in and I suppose getting discovered doing a blog is slightly less risky than embarking on an affair...  but, y'know, just not quite as much fun...  I would have thought.