Monday, July 11, 2005

i'm you number one fan

Did anyone notice, whilst they were watching Madonna’s set at Live 8 the other week (you know, swearing, pissing her band off, still being annoyingly doable, etc) that someone was holding up a sign proclaiming (I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!). Now these things always worry me. Doesn’t that just shout out ‘I’m a schitzo-uber-stalker with no life, a bedroom plastered in ‘fan-art’ and shares in blu-tac’? Wouldn’t you have thought that, after reading books like Misery, and seeing plenty of stalkers being put away and given restraining orders that people would realise that this sort of attention seeking behaviour is not going to endear them to their idol… in fact rather the opposite. Weird.

Speaking of bunny-boilers did anyone catch the Celebrity Love Island wash-up programme on ITV2 the other night. I think it’s odd how Jayne Middlemiss won the thing when clearly she is a most unhappy camper and the coverage during the last week more or less annihilated her character. As for Paul Danan, I’m sure nothing can be done to help, but Lady Isabella??? How thick do you have to be? Wise up girlfriend.