Wednesday, July 06, 2005

up the hill and down the slope

Sorry about that. My blogging performance has a direct correlation to how busy I get at work. That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty to tell you. There is. It’s just that I tend not to blog about work for reasons of wanting to keep my job and as, from time to time, I end up spending more hours working than doing things that are safe to blog about… hence the radio silence.

So… what, you ask, has been happening in the Family Backroads? Well, Alley has passed her SATs, Snicket has passed Chicken Pox on to his best mate Kerby, Boo has passed her first non-pesto like business as she moves into solid food territory, Mrs Backroads has passed comment that I could do with doing a bit more exercise and I have passed McDonalds today without calling in for a Double Bypass Burger and fries. So far so good.

As for any plans currently being drawn up, well me and Mrs B are upping our latin and ballroom dancing lessons from one to two hours a week as we approach competition standard (in our heads), I have unfashionably acquired some golf clubs and booked in a few lessons on the basis that I’m due a mid-life crisis, can’t afford a motorbike and an affair is too dangerous… or is that can’t afford an affair and a motorbike is too dangerous… either way golf, by way of a compromise, is not as dangerous as motorbiking, but does allow me go clubbing and play with my balls.

What else? I’ve been listening to the fantastic Tift Merrett CD and have to begrudgingly acknowledge that the Coldplay record is growing on me in a 70s proggy kind of way. Finally, at risk of ripping a hole in the gossamer thin veneer of blogger chic associated with these pages… the Family Backroads awaits delivery of three copies of the new Harry Potter book next week.

Shut it.

P.S. - Boston Legal is quite good.