Saturday, July 30, 2005

boy on a bus

It was a pleasure to take the train to work the other day. This is something I almost never do as the appalling logistics of hooking up public transport links from a small village outside a small town on one side of the Pennines to a new town outside of an old town on the other side of the Pennines just isn't worth the effort of writing to Alastair Darling about.

However, it was another one of those motivational corporate shindigs at a city university venue devoid of students in the mid summer. Amazingly, a search on thetrainline revealed I could get there from here with no changes in less than an hour... so off I went. Great... wish I could do this every day (when things go to plan of course). Very civilised. Read the paper. Listened to the radio (I have a new phone... it lets me listen to the radio or watch Sky News or take photographs in appalling clarity of the passenger sitting across the table from me's crotch when they're not looking... or even when they are... Hey, I think he was pleased.