Thursday, October 21, 2004

86 with a bullet

I've given up completely now on the blooming TV/Phone/Internet malarkey at this hospital bed. I have decided to blatantly use a mobile phone instead. The heart monitor of Mr Stent opposite flickers a bit when I send a text, but other than that I think it's OK.

You read a lot in these places. Stuff you wouldn't ordinarily read, like the Daily Star, and stuff you would like The Times or, my interest piqued by the Music content promised by its cover, the Daily Telegraph. Now everyone's best mate Boris Johnson had a column in that today and, I tell you what, it made pretty good sense to me, which is a bit scary.

Did any of you boffins do that daft Spelling Test on telly last night? It was on ITV1 just before Naked News starts on GetLucky TV. Well anyway I got 86% for the record, but blimey it's a nasty format. Coxy and Gaby Logan stood where Philip Schofield and Anne Robinson do the IQ test on BBC. Just as dire too. If it wasn't for a desire to take my mind off the price of car-parking these days I wouldn't have watched it.

The other week, in York, the pay and display priced for 5 hours was £9.50. That's a lot. What's more though, the bloody machine didn't take cards or notes. I don't know about you but I've always got £9.50 in spare change knocking about in my pockets.

Had to walk half a mile to a crappy shop to by an elastic band for 5p in order to change my tenner. However, I don't like ranting posts, so I'd like to add a caveat to point out that a very pleasant time was had by all that day and I even sat on a Bullet Train.