Sunday, October 31, 2004


Now I don't mean to alarm anyone or be a harbinger of doom and, if you haven't noticed anything, please just get on with you're lives. However, I'm fairly sure that a major environmental change is on its way. Who knows what the repercussions might be?

I'm fairly certain that it's getting both darker and colder. I've managed to convince Mrs B of this portentious shift to the extent that she went round the house last night altering the time on our many clocks in order to try and offset this phenomenon.

So afeared are we that we've begun to hollow out organic mangos and star-fruit to make lanterns, so as not to attract attention with the big white light.

It's not just us though. People in neighbouring hamlets have been setting off distress flares at all hours of late. What's more, earlier this night, through what can only be described as an eerie mist, I saw shadowy figures in hooded capes wandering the village aimlessly. Two of the hideously deformed strangers even rapped at the door. The size of mere children they spoke in a tongue from across the great sea. They seemed to require an offering of some sort. I passed them a flagon of the White Lightning whilst Mrs B prepared enough home-made crack to satisfy their weird cravings.

They left to wander the night in the direction of Ye Olde Convenienfe Ftore.