Saturday, October 23, 2004

textual healing

I did that thing this morning where you're walking down a narrow corridor and there's someone walking towards you and at the last minute there's a Red Arrows style swerve to avoid collision.

Of course this morning me and this bloke swerved the same way and had to recover with that 'eyes wide open and arms and hands spread wide' move (a bit like Al Jolson - 'Mammy, how I love ya, how I love ya). This bizarre but oft repeated dance was accompanied with the obligatory stereo 'Sorry Mate!'.

Now I tend not to call anyone 'mate' except in this very circumstance but, as a phrase, it seems embossed on my innate and involuntary response to this situation. I bet it's completely out of bounds to use this phrase at the Red Arrows training camp.

Anyway, after the 'Sorry Mate' song we carried on with the usual 'Look Who's Talking' high five, low five and baby five before carrying on in separate directions, never to set eyes on each other again.

Moving on, if there are any ladies in the house, please help me out with a bit of texting ettiquette. I've been swapping texts with some of Mrs Backroads' girlfriends over the last couple of days. They've been enquiring as to her health as she's been taken rather badly. I don't know them too well but all their texts end with kisses... 'xxx'. Am I getting ahead of myself in thinking that they're offering their 'personal support' whist Mrs B is indisposed, or do girlies put kisses at the end of all their texts?