Friday, November 19, 2004

you're fit (but my gosh don't you know it)

I've been out pounding the streets this morning. He wasn't very happy as you'd expect. I said 'dry your eyes mate', but it still didn't make a lot of difference.

Seriously though, I've been pounding the streets. However, it's only because today, due to last night's adverse weather conditions, I woke up in 'flat northern seaside town' rather than 'hilly northern pennine village'. It's so much easier to run round the block than up hill and down dale.

Mind you, got to be on the look-out for black ice, according to the weather forecast. I'm not sure such a substance really exists though. I've never seen it.

Tonight, weather permitting, I am taking in a 'works do' in 'rainy but musically prolific northern city'.

Technically, it's an 'ex-works do' with people who used to work together but don't any more. This is good in that the unwritten obligation to remain soberish and semi-politically correct, so as to avoid any nasty repercussions come appraisal time, is lifted. Doubtless the evening will therefore involve eating, drinking, talking crap, drinking some more and then dragging frowsy faux-naive older women round gay bars and lap-top dancing establishments.