Thursday, October 27, 2005


We had a power cut last night.

Snicket and Boo were in the bath so there was major panic as we tried to grapple with’em like fish in a barrel. Eventually they were becalmed with bedtime stories by candelight before allowing me and Mrs B to… blimey, no power.

Mrs B had planned a celebratory evening of ironing to mark the occasion of it being Wednesday. I had planned an evening of scratching my arse watching recorded Waking The Dead’s whilst trying not to get badgered into ironing my shirts. All of a sudden, all our plans sailed right though the window.

We sat not staring at each other in the dark. We dredged our memories, each certain that there was some sort of pastime that we used to rely on in times like this.

Buggered if we could come up with it so we shagged for while instead.

Three hours it lasted. The power cut that is.